The Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers, these ancestral creations, come to life as dream guardians within my life. Inspired by the mountains and the natural beauty of my valley, dreamcatchers become for me a way to artistically express my deep connection with my surroundings.

Each dreamcatcher I conceive is a carefully woven canvas, imbued with delicate threads and meticulous knots. Through these webs, I strive to capture the very essence of the mountains that surround me, evoking the diverse landscapes of my native valley. The beads and feathers added to these creations evoke the presence of raptors in the sky and stones steeped in history.

Every dreamcatcher I create is infused with my soul and my desire to channel natural beauty into a tangible object. Meticulously crafted, they carry a specific intention, with each knot and element being an expression of my creativity.

When I hang them in special places, they fulfill their role as dream guardians, filtering out negative energies and making way for positive thoughts, while continuing to celebrate the traditions that inspired them.

In essence, dreamcatchers embody my passion for art, my fascination with nature, and my desire to share a dose of harmony in the world. Each of them is a living tribute to the earth and the guiding soul, offering a soothing sense to all who welcome them into their space.