Who I am

Hello !

Heïdi, the little girl from the peaks, was born in the picturesque valley of Chamonix, where the majestic mountains watched her grow up.

Nestled in the heart of the Mont-Blanc range, at the foot of the Goûter dome, I was raised among glistening crystals and raptors soaring in the sky. From my early childhood, my heart fell in love with birds, mysterious stones, and ancestral arts that have shaped our history.

Before embarking on each of my creations, my first step is to choose the stone that will be the soul of my work. I observe it with meticulous attention and inquire about its history. My one and only rule is to showcase nature with tangible harmony, to reveal its innate beauty. Inspiration flows through me as I weave.

Heïdi's Soul

Four years ago, I made the bold decision to turn my passion into my professional endeavor, giving birth to "Heïdi's Soul."

This name was not chosen lightly; it carries the profound meaning of "creating with soul," a reflection of the sincere commitment I put into every piece I design.